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Product: Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue

Works Great!

This is a great beginners glue. I highly recommend this product for anyone starting. The fumes aren’t that strong and the adhesive doesn’t turn white when exposed to tears after recent application like other adhesives do in this price bracket. I highly recommend, I use this adhesive to teach my students.
Products: Individual Eyelash Extensions

Sensitive glue and D curl lashes

Sensitive glue and D curl lashes. I have been using EB Lashes glue and recently did a set using the D curl set and loved how they came out! Super natural and so pretty! Would definitely recommend this brand!
Amber Garcia
Product: Eyelash Extension Remover Gel

Works great!

Perfect for at home eyelash extension removal without pulling out your real hair. Do one eye at a time but be careful cause it burns lol I use my other hand to stretch out my eyes so I can really use my Q tip to cost each strand. Took me about 10-15 mins each eye and did not pull out my real lashes! Yay
Selwa mitchell
Product: Lash Shampoo

Great for anyone with eyelash extensions!

I love this product! I am very paranoid about the products I use around my eyes so I was excited when I ran into this sensitive formula eyelash shampoo. As recommended, I use it with their eyelash primer and have definitely noticed my eyelash extensions lasting WAY longer!
Products: Eyelash Extension Primer


My salon does eyelash extensions. Wanting to save money, I asked what they use. She was kind enough to share Butterfly Kisses with me. I purchased the primer and I am pleased. There is no bothersome odor and it worked great! Thank you!
Melissa Ann Meade

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