Eyelash Extension Remover Gel For Quick Lash Removal 15 ML
Works Fast: Existing Beauty Lashes extension glue remover has a powerful formula. Our lash glue remover will dissolve lash adhesive in 2-5 minutes. This extra strength solvent will remove glue with ease from even the strongest eyelash glues in just...
Individual Eyelash Extension Glue Extra Strong By Existing Beauty Lashes 5ML
FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!!!! This eyelash extension glue is for professional lash artists only! if you are not a professional lash artist who uses this glue to apply to clients eyelashes, please DO NOT purchase. This Glue should NEVER EVER...
Lash Shampoo Foam Cleanser With Brush By Existing Beauty Lashes 50ML
SAFE FOR SALON AND AT HOME USE: Existing Beauty Lash shampoo is made for both eyelash extension professionals and lash DIYers. You can clean your (or your clients) eyelashes with confidence with our ultra-safe and sensitive formula. EXTEND THE LIFE...
Eyelash Extension Sealant Magic Black Coating By Existing Beauty Lashes
 INCREASE THE LIFE OF YOUR EYELASH EXTENSIONS: Use Existing Beauty eyelash extension sealer after lash extensions procedure. It will protect the lash glue from moisture, humidity, and oils, preventing your lashes from failing prematurely. USE AFTER EYELASH EXTENSION GLUE IS...
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